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Helltwins Household
A Community for the Notebook Space of the Helltwins.


Aight. So, if you're here on this journal, there's a couple of things we need to get out of the way, first. Take a seat. You might wanna get a cup of coffee or tea for this, 'cause it might take a minute. And then some.

Please make sure you read through these rules before adding this journal, because there's no leniency on our part if you screw up and break 'em. They're pretty easy to follow, but. You never know. People who gloss over important posts=Boo.

So lets get strait to the point, ja?

1) The two main authors of this blog are [personal profile] adnarel and [personal profile] deadshepherd . You will not be added unless you know them personally, as this is pretty personal stuff. As such, this journal is friends-only to fend off teh dramas. Thank you.

2) In order to understand a damned thing about what's going on here, you need to know about multiples and a couple of multiplicity terms. The only two 'fronters' abouts are Ad (The Body/Host) and Penn (Ad's brother). No one else fronts and are for simplicities sake the 'cast' of the show. For this reason, we don't consider ourselves multiples, as there are only two of us, even though we interact with others in 'headspace'. Others may be a voice in a pinch, but don't count on it.

3) Our family isn't just "In Network", but also tends to move back and forth between at least three people. Unless permission is given, these people are not linked to. 'Vi' is the other friend from High School and does not have an interactive journal or blogspace, however, Vi and Ad started "The Notebooks" back in the spring of 1998. "The notebooks" were essentially paper system journals. There are nearly 40 to date. Ad and Vi still communicate on occasion, but are distant and so rarely do they interact, however, 'visits' cross-network are still very common.

4) We do not ascribe to the 'fracture/split/core' theory for our multiplicity. We see it as a form of animism (Ie, you believe in something, and put love/energy/thought into it, it takes on a 'life' of it's own) and as purely spiritual. We respect that others come from this sort of origin, and we've no problem with it. However, insisting that this, or any other form of (fill in the blank) is an explanation for who and what we are will get you banned from our "house" journal. It's quite simple-respect what we believe, or get the boot. Period.

5) There are people 'here' from both "original" story versus and also from popular media verses. DO NOT ADD US IF YOU DONT RESPECT THAT/CANT HANDLE IT. The second it becomes an issue, you're gone. Deviations from 'canon' from these verses will be explained.

6)THIS IS NOT FANDOM. Do not add this journal expecting 'fictional' folks to be your play-puppies. These are individual people here, some with pasts that may be different from what you've seen on TV/Movies/ect. If you want to be friends with them, by all means try. Just don't trip over yourselves to have fan-attacks. Some of the cross-net folks here are happily married, and not all of us are poly, so. Be polite. Srsly.

7) Treat others how you would want to be treated.

8) There are gay/bi/transgendered/poly/monogamous/pagan/christian/good/evil and everything-in-between people here. Don't expect just because one person is (X), so is the other. See 6.

9) The one rule in our household, with exceptions for personal safety, is no violence (and nothing that could get the body thrown in jail). Visitors as well as residents alike will respect this rule.

10) RULE ONE, YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLU--wait. How about, NO GOSSIPING OFF THE JOURNAL. What happens here, stays here. Commenting on an issue in Ad or Penn's journal is fine, but it doesn't go beyond that. Period. Evar.

11) Everything else (people, places, events, ect) will be explained in subsequent posts. Anything else? Email us at Ad's address This post to be rounded off better on a day when Ad isn't snoring at the compy box.

Thank you, and say cool.

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